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Any app/website/youtube recommendations?

Im looking to advance my french as I only know the basics and i'm not progressing, so if you have any apps, websites or youtube channel (That are free) then I would be glad!

merci beaucoup les gars ^^

March 11, 2018



If you are a beginner level I recommend Boukili (freeapp) for reading. Watching Mofy en francais and Rue Sesame, both on youtube. Coffee Break French is an amazing series of podcasts. lyricstraining.com is a great site for some music karaoke style. lawlessfrench.com is amazing for grammer explanations. The tiny cards app is also good for review. And I like l’obs la conjugaison app (also free) for practicing verb conjugations, as you can customize the settings to practice certain groups of verbs. Bonne chance!


merci beacoup. ^^


HelloTalk is a great app to make friends with people who speak French, and who want to speak your native language. I've learned a lot of Dutch outside of Duolingo just by making some Dutch-speaking friends and talking to them daily!


i already use that and i agree, its great. Thanks ^^


Try Vivalanga! I met a lot of native French speakers that help me with my conversations skills. Since I prefer to meet people in person, it really helped me find conversation partners around me. https://www.vivalanga.com/


Not everyone in the general Duolingo forum studies French; you'll probably have better luck (and reduce clutter in the general forum) if you edit your post and change the topic from Duolingo to French.

That said, I really like "French in Action". It's available in the USA and Canada only, which is a real shame because it's fantastic. You can Google it.


okay, thanks ^^

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    coursebooks, Assimil or Teach Yourself is a good choice

    Grammaire Progressive and Vocabulaire Progressif books

    on Memrise, +French courses by Eunoia


    merci beacoup pour ca ^^


    Hi Jezzzica,

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    easy Languages, Frenchpod101, Dinolingo, CoffeeBreakFrench...


    I am currently 50% fluent in French, but I think terribly slow and my listening skills are way lower than my reading. I started watching Les Aventures de Tintin (en Français) and they have been helping me with pronunciation and being better at listening. In a 20 minute episode I will probably only fully understand about 5-10 sentences, but the shows are so well made that they are enjoyable even if you hardly understand the speaking part. You'll also start associating words with things that happened on the show and that should stay in your long term memory. (I did try watching some other classic French shows, like Asterix, but TinTin is the best for figuring out words and sentences according to context.) Start with Objectif Lune. I found that one to be the easiest to understand and figure out. I hope this helped, and I hope you enjoy some Tintins!


    merci, voila un Lingot ^^


    If you can get over an American accent that's not at all American than there is a show called Extra (French). You can find it on youtube. I also tried to watch Peppa Pig in French. Thoug it's really childish the advantage of it is that the stories are really short and graphic.


    I liked using French with Alexa on youtube, but maybe not sure if it is too basic. I'm still learning :)


    Try Vivalanga! I met a lot of native French speakers that help me with my conversations skills. https://www.vivalanga.com/

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