"Good day, we are beginning!"

Translation:Guten Tag, wir beginnen!

March 11, 2018



So, when a sentence begins with anything other than the subject, the verb comes before the subject. I knew that things as simple as "Ja, ..." and "Nein, ..." were exceptions to this, but apparently "Guten Tag, ..." Is an exception as well. Is the rule simply that if the term at the beginning is not grammatically related to the sentence, then it's okay?

March 11, 2018


The term "Guten Tag" is separated by a coma, so the real sentence structure begins with "wir" the subject. The same with names: Tom, ich sehe dich. or Hey Tom, ich gehe schwimmen.

(More difficult are structures like: Obwohl er groß ist, ist er ein Kind. ~ the subordinated clause "obwohl er groß ist" forms the first position and the second "ist" is the finit verb at the second position.)

March 11, 2018
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