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Tips for improving a German accent?

The title is self explanatory, how can I minimize my American accent as much as possible? Tips for properly positioning the tongue or jaw, and tips for making vowels sound more German. Any tips would be appreciated.

March 11, 2018



Play around with your breathing. Americans and Brits especially seem to squeeze the air in the mouth when they talk while Germans do it more from the stomach...


Interesting, thanks.


The best way is definitely to find a tandem partner who is a native speaker and practice speaking to them. Ask them to correct your pronounciation as much as possible. The hardest sound for me was the hard r, followed by ch and then the umlauts. You could try practicing the r by yourself till you get the hang of getting your uvula to vibrate.


Listen to as much German as you can, e.g. tv, series, youtube videos. Take every opportunity to practice your speaking and pronunciation; what I like to do, is to pronounce every word and sentence of a DL exercise, regardless whether it's a speaking exercise or not.

[deactivated user]

    I can't seem to articulate all the syllables. My tongue gets knotted up.

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