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Bring Esperanto to French speakers next, here's some reasons why.

I got inspired by this thread, which brings good reasons to bring a Esperanto course for Hungarian speakers.

So why French speakers should receive an Esperanto Duolingo course:

  • French is an official language in 29 countries, mainly in Africa where it is used as a lingua franca, but where Esperanto is under-represented. If people from these countries learn Esperanto, it will add more value to Esperanto as an international language.

  • In Duolingo, French speakers is the largest group based on the number of learners (after English, Spanish and Portuguese). They already have the courses for the main languages of Duolingo (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German) which are not in beta.

  • Esperanto is the most requested course for French speakers.

  • A famous French Youtuber recently made a 50-min documentary about Esperanto, which sparked a lot of interest about learning the language.

  • Esperanto is in a good path to be included in Baccalauréat, an academic qualification which French students take after high school. It won't be compulsory, but with the Duolingo course, it will be an easy way to get extra points for the Baccalauréat, which is very motivating.

  • People are ready to help and contribute. I talked to the owner of iKurso (an online course to learn Esperanto from French with many tutors), who happens to be the president of Espéranto France, and he submitted to be a contributor a long time ago.

March 11, 2018



I also think that courses in English, French and Spanish for Esperanto speakers are in order. There is evidence that learning Esperanto first is a sound language learning strategy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaedeutic_value_of_Esperanto


this! i'm currently studying french in school and i would love to be able to hopefully improve my french and esperanto by using an esperanto to french course.


Yes absolutely, many French speakers are interested in Esperanto. I myself started studying it from English but it's true that it's not very easy to learn in another language than ours. At first, it goes by itself but after, when it becomes more complex, the work is very difficult because it's necessary to focus on Esperanto but also on the English because all mistakes count. It's very depressing when you make mistakes because of the English, when you have the right answer in Esperanto. And this is valid for all other languages I learn from English (Japanese, Russian) and I would like to learn more of them, but the fact of having to use English doesn't really encourage! Thank you for thinking about francophone people.


It's better immersion for speakers who have another native language and are learning , say in this example French, to learn yet another language while using French to do so. I'm a native English speaker, but through courses that are only available to Spanish speakers like Catalan and Guarani, I feel like I can utilize my Spanish better.

And so if Spanish and English both have access to Esperanto, why shouldn't French? And for that matter, Spanish is getting a new Russian course, it's hatching as of right now, and there isn't even a new course in general for French speakers. I feel like some change needs to be in order, considering how many French speakers there are on here.


Oui merci Andrew.


Je parle un peu du français et l’espéranto. Je peux aider ?


YES PLEASE Much enthusiasm at the idea


Se mi havis la tempon, mi amus kontribui al la kurso. Sed mi bezonus pli sperton kun Esperanto.

Si j'avais le temps, j'aimerais contribuir au cours. Mais j'aurais plus expérience avec l'espéranto.


Yes please ! a Esperanto course for french speakers !


I’m currently at level 17 in French. I took a break from French, because it was getting a bit hard, so I turned to Esperanto, figuring that I might recognise words from Esperanto and therefore making it easier. Now, if the Esperanto for French speakers course got made, it would rekindle my motivation.


Bonjour, débutant sur ce forum, je n'ai pas immédiatement trouvé ce sujet. Du coup j'en ai posté un autre pour demander la même chose : j'ai obtenu 5 "pouces rouges" !? Pourquoi ? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30113044

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