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'Usted bebe' OR 'Usted bebes'??

I first learnt that it is 'usted bebes' or 'tu bebes' (dunno how to put the accent using this keyboard). But in my latest class, I was taught 'usted bebe vino' which translates as 'you drink wine'. Which one is correct? bebe OR bebes??

July 3, 2012



That's correct. When you're addressing someone in the present tense, adding an "s" to the end of the verb implies the "tú" or informal way of speaking, whereas omitting it implies the "Usted" or formal/respectful way of talking. If I were talking to someone elderly for instance I may say the word "bebe", whereas I would use "bebes" in among people my age or whom I know well


I believe it is "usted bebe" or "tú bebes". But I'm not 100% sure. That's just the way I've always seen it on DuoLingo.


Okay..thanks a lot guys! That makes sense :)

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