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  5. "Each piece is unique."

"Each piece is unique."

Translation:Cada pieza es única.

March 11, 2018



"Cada" does not change, for example: Cada hombre, cada mujer, cada ciudad, cada cosa


I have used "pedazo" instead of pieza. It's correct according to my venezuelan sister in law


I use pedazo all the time but was marked incorrect on this sentence. It should be a valid translation.


I did the same, "cada pedazo es único", and was not accepted.


Wow, 3 months later, and I answered the same way, "cada pedazo es único". I didn't learn "pieza" and Duo didn't learn "pedazo".


In the strictest sense, "pedazo" is a correct translation, but really, it doesn't work with this sentence. "Pedazo", as well as "trozo", mean a piece of something larger, like a piece of bread or a piece of a broken plate. "Pieza" means an individual stand alone object, like a piece of art or a specimen. That meaning, i.e. pieza, works much better with this sentence. I think this is what duo is stressing by marking "pedazo" wrong.

For reference: https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/piece


2020-02-21 About a year ago, I was trying to ask a couple of gentlemen whose native language is Spanish about some pieces to a mechanical device. I used las piezas, and they were totally confused. I believe I should have used los pedazos. Fortunately one of them spoke up in English and gave me the information I needed.


At least according to spanishdict, they should have known what you were talking about. See definition #2 in the link I put in my other post.

Might be a regional thing.


Does Cada change to Cado when modifying a masculine object?


I used trozo/unico. Wrong.

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