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  5. "Ez a sajt tőlünk van?"

"Ez a sajt tőlünk van?"

Translation:Is this cheese from us?

March 11, 2018



Originally -tól/től is a suffix (e.g. a háztól = from the house, az erdőtől = from the forest), but tőlünk = from us. Here, től is an adverb and personal suffixes (személyrag) connected them. Let' conjugate it!

(én)tőlem = from me; (mi)tőlünk = from us
(te)tőled = from you; (ti)tőletek = from you
(ő)tőle = from him/her/it; (ő)tőlük = from them

(The words in parentheses are optional)
Indeed, it is very difficult, it would be a neology: éntől, tetől, őtől, mitől, titől őtől :)


Thanks! I remember learning about these, but it was a while ago, and when I did this exercise today, I didn't recognize "tőlünk." There was no hover hint for the word, either, so I guess Duo expects me to remember it. Time for a review, I guess.


Does tőlünk also mean ours?

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No, ours = miénk.


I take this question is posed to answer: who brought the cheese? Did this cheese come from us? Did we bring it?

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