"All of them are red."

Translation:Elles sont toutes rouges.

March 12, 2018

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Isn't this translation changing the word order? Shouldn't it be "They are all red"? Wouldn't all of them be something like Toutes d'eux sont rouges?


Even though I agree that the translation is quite far from the original, the word order has to be changed anyway. The expression Tous d'eux/Toutes d'elles doesn't exist in French. However, what could be possible is something like "Elles toutes sont rouges" or "Toutes sont rouges"


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"Toutes (tous) sont rouges".


"Ils toutes sont rouges" was rejected.


You have mixed genders - toutes is feminine but eux is masculine. But would this sentence use the disjunctive pronoun? I very much doubt it. Anyway "them" is the direct object. Even "Toutes de les sont rouges'' sounds weird, hence the change of word order:

"Elles sont toutes rouges / Ils sont tous rouges "

As we don't know what they/them are, the sentence can be written in the masculine as well.

Someone asked a very similar question on this WordRef forum thread:


Also, as "All of them are red", it would be interesting to know if :
"Tous (toutes) sont rouges" would be accepted.

Did this sentence come up in review or a specific lesson?


Tous sont rouges was accepted :)


I believe it is in the A/B Test


Merci Shell. Je n'ai pas d'arbre nouveau.


Using the word bank, I'm not given the option for "Elles" only Ils.


So you have to use "tous".


but marked wrong


What was the full sentence that was marked wrong?


I am finding a lot of discrepancies in this program. Is anyone else having trouble with the sound ? I have used 4 different computers and the sound goes incoherent half way through the program for each set. They need to fix the audio.


The same problem. When I run slow mode, the sound is sometimes completely gone.


Duolingo keeps stating that the correct translation starts with "Elles"; however, it does not give it as an option. It only give "Ils" as the choice. I have reported it and hope it will be corrected. However, since it won't accept the only possible answer, it will not let me finish the lesson.


Is "tous" available?

No one reporting the lack of "elles" has stated whether or not it is. If it is, it goes with "ils", and that's what you should choose, not "toutes".

Your other option, at least on the web browser version, is to choose not to use the word bank. Just select "use keyboard" and type a correct translation instead.


Why not "tous d'entre eux (...)"?


I can't see a reason. I'd be interested to hear from a native French speaker.


Why not "toutes d'entre elles sont rouges"?


If we get an answer to your last question, we might get an answer to this one. ;-)


If this is how you say "all of them are red", how would you say "they are all-red / completely red"?

(Where the first describes that multiple items are red (mostly); and the second describes that the items are completely red, with no other colour)


I would suggest "ils sont rouges partout", but I'd be happy to hear from a native French speaker.

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    Summary sheet for tout, tous, tout, toutes.


    Just as a matter of interest, how do you say ' some of them are red'? 'certains d'entre eux sont rouges'?


    why is "tout les monde" incorrect here?


    "Tout le monde" (note the article) means "everyone" (literally "all the world").


    There is not an option to put Elles, only Ils in the pick list ?


    "Ils sont tous rouges" is also a valid possibility.


    why not ce sont tous rouges


    "Ce sont" is used when the complement is a noun: "ces sont des robes".

    "Ils/Elles sont" is used when the complement is an adjective: "elles sont tou(te)s rouges".


    C'est un lien excellent. Merci bien.


    "Elles" was not a choice given to me.


    In English, 'they are all red' is not the same as 'all of them are red.' This is a rephrasal of the underlying meaning - which I agree is the same - and a different construction. I do feel a bit cheated though. If you want me to translate 'they are all red' i can do that with no trouble at all. I was trying to find a way of using 'eux', so would 'tous d'entre eux sont rouges' work?

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