"A couple swims."

Translation:Ein Paar schwimmt.

March 21, 2013

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A couple... shouldn't that be thought of as "they" rather than "he/she/it"? Therefore, wouldn't schwimmen be more appropriate than schwimmt?


In English yes, a couple is treated as plural for matching the verb, but in German the union is obviously stronger ;) and they become a single entity, so 'it' swims! (j/k but that is the pattern I have observed for Das Paar)


No; in English it's also "A couple swims." (Don't be confused by the progressive "is swimming" which is also singular: "a girl is swimming")


'course, in formal English, one ought to write "a couple swims," even though it's less likely you'd say that in the street.


no, because the subject pair is singular. one pair, not multiples


The sentence is treating the couple as a unit, like English would in "A couple is a beautiful thing", or something.


I love how, we as English speakers, can't even agree on our own grammar.


I thought what they meant by that was "a couple of swims". Oops.


I actually thought of "I still have a couple swims left." Would this be a valid meaning in English for a couple swims, a noun in plural? How would you say it in German? Zwei schwimmens?


At least in British English, that would not work. You'd need to say "a couple of swims". I think American English and international derivatives work fine without "of".


For "a couple" which one is correct? Ein Paar or Ein paar?


'Ein Paar' is correct, because nouns always have a capital to begin with and this is no exception to that rule. They are a 'pair' so they need a capital. Hope that helps!


Because a pair is one entity and two people are two entities, so a pair swims and two people swim


On a tangent, would this be used a a couple as in <3 (;

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