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Should the Dates & Time Skill be broken down?

In the French from English course, some of the skills are HUGE. Some of the skills have up to nine lessons- maybe some have more. I'm not suggesting that you remove any of the content, but if we could have Dates 1&2, I think that would be amazing. If I am confusing, please tell me in the comment section! Bye

March 12, 2018



I don't know.

I'd rather have more lessons within a skill than a really long lessons. Sometimes I go into a lesson, and there's only 6 or so questions/translations. But other times it feels like there's thirty, (I've never counted to see if it was 30, but I know it's more than 20), and that gets really tiring after awhile.


I understand what u mean, I have had skills that have ten lessons that are really long lessons.

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