"Schreiben sie ein Buch?"

Translation:Are they writing a book?

March 12, 2018



Could this also translate as "do you write a book"? I thought this was also the polite 2nd person form

July 12, 2018


In the formal second person, "Sie" woukd be capitalised. So "Schreiben Sie ein Buch?" would be "are you writing a book?" whereas "Schreiben sie ein Buch?" means "Are they writing a book?"

July 15, 2018


Thanks..helped me too

October 22, 2018


Why is it all mixed up? I know its a different language and its structured differently but its hard to remember the order in which words come in phrases when the literal translation is all mixed up, "writing they a books?" Its really confusing for me

March 12, 2018


In German, you use inversion when asking a yes/no question. That is, you switch the position of the verb and pronoun. You are actually doing the same thing in English. They are (pronoun, verb), are they? (verb, pronoun). Sie schreiben (they are writing/they write), schreiben sie? (are they writing?/do they write?).

March 12, 2018


Ohhh, okay that males a lot more sense, thank you!

March 13, 2018


Solid answer makes perfect sense now.

June 19, 2018


Where does the "Are they" Come from in that sentience?

July 18, 2018


"Schreiben" is the plural, third person conjugation meaning "they write." Also, "sie" means "they." Those are the two clues that helped me understand.

July 18, 2018


Why not "einen buch"??

April 8, 2019


Because Buch is das Buch, so ein- doesn't have the masculine accusative (-en) ending. If it was der Apfel, it would be einen Apfel.

May 4, 2019


Should "sie", not be "Sie" with a capital S since it means they and not her here?

December 18, 2018
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