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  5. "I am returning to France."

"I am returning to France."

Translation:Ich gehe zurück nach Frankreich.

March 12, 2018



Why not "Ich komme nach Frankreich züruck" ?


IMO it depends on who you are talking to. Let's assume you are not in France, otherwise this sentence makes no sense. Then if you talk to someone who is not in France either, you'd probably say "Ich gehe zurück nach Frankreich. ", while when talking to someone who is in France you'd maybe rather say "Ich komme nach Frankreich zurück".

NB: you wrote züruck instead of zurück :)


Should be correct, though less common. You could say it to somebody who is in France. But it's "zurück".


Why not 'ich fahre ..... zuruck? [Keyboard does not do accents.]


"Ich gehe nach Frankreich zurück" is one of the accepted solutions.


Why not „Ich fahre wieder nach Frankreich."?


Why not: " ich fahre nach Frankreich züruck" ? It was marked wrong


Why not: " ich fahre nach Frankreich züruck" ?

You mixed up the vowels in zurück, but otherwise it's a reasonable translation that's not currently accepted.

Feel free to report it as "my translation should be accepted" if you come across this exercise again.


Ich komme wieder nach Frankreich - not accepted, warum, bitte?


If one is speaking about GOING back to France, it makes sense to me to say "nach" but if one expects to live in France once again, then could one use "zu" ?


no. The choice of preposition is completely independent of these aspects. It needs to be "nach" in both cases.


Why isn't "zurück" at the end? Isn't the verb here the separable verb "zurückgehen"?


Both versions are possible.
You can either use "zurückgehen" or "zurückkehren" (That results in "Ich gehe/kehre nach Frankreich zurück")
or simply use "gehen" and use "zurück" as a preposition, which then stands directly in front of the phrase it qualifies: "zurück nach Frankreich" = "back to France".

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