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  5. "Pracuje na třech zahradách."

"Pracuje na třech zahradách."

Translation:He works in three gardens.

March 12, 2018



He is working AT three gardens should be accepted depending on whether garden is viewed as a location (in) or a work place (at)...


I think a workplace woud require "ve třech zahradách" or "ve třech zahradnictvích".


Hmm, I see your point...you may be right about that (though for "zahradnictví" at least in American English I would probably use "nursery" rather than "garden").


She works in three gardens is not accepted


It is accepted.

We only have a recent report that contains "stations" instead of "gardens"...


Could you explain the difference between "pracuje na třech zahradách" and "pracuje ve třech zahradách" please? I used to think "na zahradách" describes a work place before I read some previous comments...


Both can mean working in your garden, but "pracovat na zahradě" is much more common. Especially when you do gardening. When you do some random work there, you can probably say that it is "v zahradě" as well, but "na zahradě" is the normal way to say "in the garden" for me.

For some bigger named gardens (parks) you would say "jsem v Lucemburské zahradě", not "na". "v Getsemanské zahradě" = "in the Garden of Gethsemane"

When you work in a garden as a job, and you take it as an institution and not a location I would say "pracuju v zahradě XY" but "na" is not impossible (although better for "working on" it). When not not mentioning the actual name, you can probably use either. There is also zahradnictví (garden centre) - that would really use "v".

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