Podcast in Spanish

Hello people! Can someone recomend me please some podcast in spanish for begginers?

March 12, 2018


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Duolingo Podcasts is great, produced by Duolingo, in Spanish with English translations and explanations.

March 12, 2018

Thank you! I will try them

Hi! UnlmitedSpanish is great! You can download the transcripts for free, too!

After you are ready to move on to more advanced podcasts, Radio Ambulante is very good.

Coffee Break Spanish.... they have a website and are on itunes or Audiria which is just a website

Thanks, I will try it

Notes in Spanish: Inspired Beginners and Coffee Break Spanish are both great! The duolingo podcast and A Mi Aire from podclub are also really good, but more of an intermediate level.

Thanks for the recomendations

Google "Notes in Spanish". Podcasts are excellent quality, interesting, progressive and free. Be sure to listen to podcasts more than just one time. Biggest mistake is only listening one time through ...

EspaƱolistos! I can't recommend this podcast enough. One of the hosts is American and is very good at explaining concepts while speaking slowly.

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