Dear Dr. Von Ahn: A query on Activity Stream replacement progress.

I am writing this post because I read an article today which reminded me once more of the old activity stream. It was the article from Dr. Von Ahn stating that the "Activity Stream" was taken down because: " it added a very large load on our infrastructure, has become unsustainable to maintain, and is written in old code—thus incompatible with our upcoming web rewrite."
He went on to say: "We understand that social connections are essential, and we plan to expand social features and capabilities as soon as possible." In answer to the question "Will anything like the activity streams be introduced?" he said "Yes! We will have much better tools soon. I promise."

It has now been ten months since that post and those comments and I have not seen anything akin to the activity stream since then on the desktop/browser version. I would simply like to ask is there anything currently being worked on to replace it and, if so, how close is it to being finished?

Thank you for this wonderful site and your time and patience in answering my query.

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March 13, 2018


I think the changes to clubs may be intended to provide a place for social interaction. The original stuff that used to populate the feeds within clubs has mostly disappeared (things like updates on which lessons members had completed and who was “in the lead” accumulating XP for the week, new member names, etc.) DuoLingo seems to be generating some random questions and activities occasionally but the feed is wide open for member discussion now. Also, clubs just jumped in size from less than 20 members to 50.

March 13, 2018

I think the club feature would be better if it weren't linked to individual languages. It would be great if we could study/work on any language we choose and not have to be members of more than one club.

March 13, 2018

I agree with this, and it's kind of sad because we can't join Clubs on the site or even see them so it limits interactions to other mobile users. When I was on my account here back during the activity stream time, most of the users I talked to were only using the website, and I would've missed out on a ton of knowledge. I think more dedicated users end up transitioning to the website, so it would be in Duolingo's best interest to add clubs here too....

March 13, 2018


March 13, 2018

That is exactly my point, I only use the browser and I would like to be able to contact individual users that I have bumped into over the years. Even if it's just a one day 'stream' that resets with your 'daily goal.' Which is something one of the original commenters and I came up with independently of each other. Just something to say "welcome back" or "congratulations" or to help with something they don't quite get. Also, I would like somebody who knows something to reply to this question (no offense meant). I understand mods and contributors know barely more than we do, but there has to be admin or somebody higher up who knows something. I would simply like them to share it, so long as they're allowed to of course. Edited

March 14, 2018

there's not gonna be any replacement, they just said it to reduce complaints

March 13, 2018
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