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  5. "The spoons"

"The spoons"

Translation:Die Löffel

March 21, 2013



So the plural form of the word will be the same as the singular form?


Yes. To tell if it's plural or not, look at the article or how the verb is conjugated.

"Der Löffel ist zu klein!" = "The spoon is too small!"
"Die Löffel sind zu klein!" = "The spoons are too small!"

Hope that helps!


Is "Löffelt" an actual word? It pops up as one of the possible translations but it's shown to be wrong.


"Löffelt" is the 3rd person singular form of the verb "löffeln" which you can use to describe when you eat a soup: Er löffelt die Suppe. (Which means he eats the soup)


How do you make an umlaut on a Kindle? The letter followed by an e is not acceptable.


Hold down the key for the vowel that needs the umlaut over it until the menu of alternate characters pops up, then select the one you need - ö is available after the 9 so you need to hold it a little longer.


that's on mac, not PC unless, Alixpol, you have mac

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