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  5. "Sut dych chi? Wedi blino!"

"Sut dych chi? Wedi blino!"

Translation:How are you? Tired!

March 13, 2018



Would "Very tired" translate to "Wedi blino iawn"?


Early times in the study of this language. Question "How are you?" answered with "I'm tired." marked wrong. Wanting one word answer "tired." "Wedi blino" means only "tired"? Can someone help me understand why?


That's right, wedi blino just means "tired".

"I'm tired" would be Dw i wedi blino.

blino is to tire; wedi can mean "after" and is used to form the perfect aspect (as in "I have done" from "to do"), so a more literal translation would be "after tiring" or "have tired".

But it's probably best to simply treat wedi blino as a fixed expression meaning "tired", because that's how we would express it in English -- we say "I am tired" and not "I have tired out".

Note also that since there is a wedi, it doesn't need yn -- "I am happy" would be Dw i'n hapus but "I am tired" is Dw i wedi blino, not *Dw i'n wedi blino with 'n.


Thank you very much you helped me a lot with your explanation.

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