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Resource Of The Day: Japanese: #4 (I'm back, I haven't forgotten)

Hey guys, starting today, my RoTDs will be consistent, since before they were all over the place.

Table Of Contents

Today, I picked out an article named "Japanese Honorifics ~ Name Suffixes and Titles", you can check it out here, it lists out tons of honorifics and explains them very nicely. Enjoy!

March 13, 2018



Thank you for continuing the resource series.
A small addition to the information in this resource: It's also possible to use Kun (君、くん) to address/refer to women.
Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to any Chinese resources you may post in the future.


Aww thanks! I was at school while reading this comment, and my friend who was sitting a few computers away had told me that "kun" was only for "little boys" -_- Anyways, I saw this and immediately read this comment out to her. :P


Take all my money!!!!!!.



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