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Resource Of The Day: Mandarin Chinese: #1

Hey guys, I started a new language: Mandarin Chinese!!! These will be consistent, don't worry.

Table Of Contents

Today I picked out an online app, Ninchanese, it's basically kind of like HelloChinese (I've never tried it) however from what I know it works beautifully. I'm literally entering the password for my Apple ID to get it. Right. Now.

;P Hope you enjoy!!

March 13, 2018



I'm not learning Chinese but that sure makes me want to.


I want to learn Mandarin Chinese, but it is so difficult.


It is not that difficult if you know your Chinese grammar. Well at least it's easier to learn than French


FYI: Ninchanese works on both my computer and on my phone. Ninchanese is the only program that I am aware of, that works on both devices. https://ninchanese.com I'm Pikachu on Ninchanese, if anyone is interested. LingoDeer is a Duolingo type app that has three languages, and it's free. LingoDeer: Learn Japanese, Korean, Chinese Mandarin 100% Free


I use both LingoDeer and Ninchanese and I must say they both work wonderfully (I just signed up a few minutes ago and am searching up your username winks)

Ninchanese is the only program that I am aware of, that works on both devices.

NOT DUOLINGO?!? faints Just kidding. But yes, you're right, Ninchanese is one of those rare apps that are available across multiple platforms.

PS: my username on Ninchanese is my old username on Duolingo, krpw1204


Oops, There is Duolingo, Memrise, Lingq, Quizlet, Anki... What was I thinking?


Another I'd recommend and that is a rather good complement to Ninchanese is Maayot. https://www.maayot.com/


I like your name. "WaterPolyglot". That makes remember me that I would like to speak Whale, Humpback whale, language. :)

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