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Has anyone else received the crowns/skill levels in the Chinese course?

I know that Duolingo is implementing skill levels into courses in order to make old skills more difficult which is great. When I go on to my Chinese home page on desktop nothing is new, but when I go to my Chinese home page on my iOS device there is a crown icon that I believe is the one from the skill levels. The icon appears at the top in between the streak and gems icons with a 0 next to it. However, my tree is no different in any other way, my skills don't have levels and it's impossible for me to actually get the crowns.

Does anyone else have this? Does anyone else have access to the actual skill levels in Chinese?

March 13, 2018



I have the one crown icon like you do. I suspect you also have it for Turkish; I think it's there for all courses without the fluency level. Mine is equally non-functional. I have a certain doubt they really intended to release it.


AFAIR, they said the crown will be released to all courses (from any source language) except for Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
I'll try to find back this official comment.

EDIT (3min later):
So those 3 languages are not "out of it", but the crown-levels will be released (first) to all courses except those three, for which it'll "likely" take longer to do.
See more details in this comment by a staff member.


Maybe when the crown levels actually work they'll also show up (or not) in courses in a manner keeping with the announced plans :)

(If anybody has figured out how to make something about that iOS crown work, please do tell!)


I have the crowns in Swahili and Chinese but doesn't seem to be in effect yet.


The one I have is called Shiny. It's in with my achievements.


I just got it today, we must be in some tight test group or whatever. A bit funny cuz I was trying to work towards everything gold but now I can't anymore. I had all the lessons finished before, and now it gives me one crown for everything. I can level them normally.

I also don't see how this works with the practice system anymore - there's no visible decay as far as I can tell so I guess we just don't get that part anymore? Maybe it comes back after we max everything? I've never maxed a course with the crown setup so I don't know how it works.

There's still the practice button but I don't really know what it does. I also can't speedrun lessons anymore unless I'm doing it blindly with the practice button. And I don't think it contributes to the crowns?


I think you got the actual system. What the OP and I had seems to have been an unintended bug. The crown I had when I posted has now disappeared.

Thanks for the additional insights. I've never much trusted Duolingo's decay system, but I'll certainly miss targeted timed practice.


Hey I just feel I've lost my progress with this feature. Why should I return to the very basic? It seems pointless because I've always studied the old and new lessons, so all of them were gold. Can I return to the old version, or is there a way to make the exercises match my level again?

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