"Go to school yourselves."

Translation:Mergeți voi înșivă la școală.

March 13, 2018

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Mergeti insiva la scoala is not correct? A few days ago i was told that the use of the pronouns wasn't really necessary, since the verb expresses it anyway, and that many times is not used.

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The use of pronouns is or is not necessary depending on the context. The emphatic pronoun (pronumele de întărire) always accompanies the noun or pronoun that it emphasizes.

  • (Tu) citești poezia. = You read the poem. --- the pronoun (tu) is optional

  • (Tu însuți) citești poezia. = You read the poem yourself. --- if the emphatic pronoun is present (însuți), the pronoun it emphasizes (tu) has to be present too


What is behind the sudden subject-verb inversion here?


is it wrong: "mergeți la scoală pe voi înșivă"?


"pe" is wrong here. Without it, the sentence is correct.


I'm a little confused here. So "voi" is nominative here? Does that mean that Romanian uses nominative pronouns for the imperative some/all of the time?


No, Romanian uses Vocative case for imperatives. Duo does not bother you with vocative for pronouns, because it is mostly like nominative, and it is always a big source of arguments between linguists. Romanian language evolved at the confluence between European, Oriental (Tartar/Mongol, Turkish), Greek and Slavic languages, and it has a very colored vocative (especially for invectives :)) which is not always accepted, in spite of the fact that it is in a quite common use (for example, you cannot use vocatives in a Scrabble game).
Here the ”pronoun” is ”voi înșivă”, which is not separable. Take it like a locution or idiom. A ”mot a mot” translation would be ”you by yourself”.


Ah thanks, that helps a lot.

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