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"Eichhörnchen leben nicht im Meer."

Translation:Squirrels do not live in the ocean.

March 13, 2018



Sandy Cheeks does.


It's sounds like she's saying "Ilshörnchen" (which is not a word). Incorrect pronunciation that needs to be fixed.


Yes, pronunciation is completely off.


Hm, for me it sounds like "Ilchhörnchen", instead of "Eichhörnchen". No idea where the error comes from.


How I got the right answer to this garbled sentence on the first try:

It sounds to me like "Irisch Haunsen"—a garbled version of "irische Hähnchen"? That's the closest I could get after listening to the audio countless times. Nothing I tried in Google Translate was close enough for Google to correct a "misspelling."

"Irish chickens" seemed so unlikely, I googled for a long list of German names for animals. Not at all close, but still the closest-sounding was Eichhörnchen.

Is it cheating to google for the answer? What if I told you I was in the middle of a "skip level" test? (I would have passed, even if I'd missed this one, but I didn't know that until the end.)

Is it worth half an hour to never forget the word for squirrel? Maybe, if you really like squirrels or your goal is native fluency. Aber wenn Sie Eichhörnchen wirklich mögen, wurden Sie keine Halbstunde brauchen. :-) So, fluency it is.


It sounds like it has, for aome reason, decided to pronounce the leading "ei" as separate "e" and "i" syllables.


As if that word weren't difficult to pronounce in real life; even the voice bot cannot figure it out. :-)


A better pronunciation can be found at: https://www.dict.cc/?s=Eichh%C3%B6rnchen

It is available in different voices, if one clicks on the different examples :-)


The irony is that Eichhörnchen is a difficult word to pronounce for English speakers. And squirrel difficult for German speakers.

Good job the male voice copes better :-)


Yeah, there are plenty of YouTube videos showing English and German speakers attempting to pronounce Eichhörnchen and squirrel. It's hilarious.


That's not irony. You must be German.


Name a better word to refer to the common usage of "irony". You can't? Exactly.


Don't know when you wrote this, but I, in April 2018, completely agree. Nothing seems to have been done to correct the problem

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As I wrote in the post above yours, the issue has been reported. A third party is responsible for the TTS, and they sometimes take their time.


I don't know when have u written this, but as of May 2020, the pronunciation was right.

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The male voice is ok, female voice is faulty. Reported, but might take a long time to fix…


The pronunciation is yet to be rectified...and I could not do this one, being totally mystified. I am also doing French as a German speaker to improve my German. The French, at times, is just plain awful. No excuse for teaching errors. Duo never responds when I point out those fairly frequent errors.. Sometimes I wonder about Duo's Dutch which I am also learning? Wie Schade!

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The TTS is provided by another company. They get feedback on faulty words from us, but it is up to them when/whether to fix them.


Although this is an unsatisfactory answer, it's the moderator telling us what the situation is, over which he/she has no control. So let's not give thumbs down to the messenger.


Meer=See= Sea/lake Ozean = ocean. Is this not the case?


In German there are two different nouns "See". One is "der See", which is "the lake", the other one "die See", which is "the sea/the ocean". You can also say "das Meer" for the latter.


No. Meer is not lake, only sea (and apparently sometimes ocean).


Why did the sea not work?


This squirrel is a total interest killer


Badly recorded sentence needs to be fixed.


Why did I type unicorns?


The unicorn = das Einhorn.
The little unicorn = das kleine Einhorn or, using a diminuitive suffix, das Einhornchen.
So, the little unicorns = die kleinen Einhörner or possibly die Einhornchen. (?)
But, of course, Eichörnchen = squirrels.


Unicorn was my first thought when I saw this word too. Does anyone know offhand the etymology of Eichörnchen? Is it related to acorns?


Etymology here. No relation to "Einhorn."


Meer = ocean = sea


Why is "Eichhörnchen wohnen nicht im Meer" not acceptable?

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In this context, "leben" would only mean "exist" not so much "reside". But it's a judgment call, we might add "wohnen" later on.


Also, isn’t the verb “wohnen” generally only acceptable with humans?


Kann man Oachkatzel sagen?


In Österreich oder Bayern vielleicht. Aber wahrscheinlich hieße das eher "Eichkatzerl". Hochdeutsch ist es jedenfalls nicht.


There is a word i will never be able to pronounce


apart from the dodgy pronunciation I am confused by DUO's deliberate juxtaposing of similar sounding but differently spelled words for example Leben = LIFE is often confused with Lieben = LOVE if this is a deliberate teaching tactic then that is fair enough, English has more than its own share of these HOMONYMS however some explanation where it may be needed would be a very welcome. English Has the expression Lovelife often used when referring to someone's private life, presumably, the German equivalent could be Liebe Leben. a quick search has confirmed this.


"Leben" and "Lieben" are not homonyms at all. The vowels "e" (IPA [e​:]) and "i" (IPA [iː]) are definitely different. The problem exists only for native speakers of English, because one of these sounds ("e") is not present in English at all, so they aren't used to differentiate here. Speakers of many other languages don't have problems with that.

Of course there are homonyms in German as well, but these words do not belong to this category

Btw. "lovelife" is "Liebesleben".


This is probably the hardest word in German for me to pronounce. Also Kirche seems to be an issue for my American mouth


I was so concentrated looking at the word "Eichhörnchen", that I ended up writing "squirrels live in the ocean"... German squirrels and butterflies just got me nuts


Given how notoriously difficult it is for English speakers to pronounce Eichhörnchen. I was surprised it marked it correct when I did it, but I've see YouTube videos of people pronouncing sentences completely wrong in Duolingo and still be marked correctly. YMMV.


True, the pronunciation is totally misleading. To squeeze that lemon I consider that Duo will come back to the wrongly answered sentence before the end of the lesson. By that time, although fuming, I may have memorized the problematic word, its sound, wrong and right, and its relation to other words. All that adds to my knowledge of the language and imprints my memory.

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As I already wrote above, the correction of this is out of our own reach.


The meaning of "leben" is closer to "survive" than "reside". If you want to say that squirrels don't reside in the ocean, you should say "Eichhörnchen wohnen nicht im Meer."

If you say "Eichhörnchen leben nicht im Meer.", then what you're really saying is that they don't survive in the ocean. It's true, but also hilariously dark.


Not true. If you mean "survive" you'd rather use "überleben" or something like "können nicht leben".
"leben" really means "to live" or "to reside" (and "wohnen" can indeed only be used for "to reside"").

"Eichhörnchen leben nicht im Meer" says that the sea is not the common habitat of squirrels. It does not make any statement about whether they could survive there.


Terrible pronunciation


The closest I could get was "Pete Townsend leben nicht im Meer." I should have received at least partial credit. I know it requires a value judgment but can't Pete be considered at least somewhat squirrelly?


"im meer" means "in the lake" right? If we wanted to mean "ocean", it would be "in der Meer," because it's a feminine noun instead of masculine for "lake."


Sorry, Meer is "sea", See is "lake" or "ocean".


"Meer" can be either a sea or an ocean. It's always neuter; there's no "in der Meer."

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