Sind vs Seid

Can someone please explain their differences easier? I'm 13 and it would help if you use easier words so that I can understand easily. Thank you! :))

March 13, 2018

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sind and seid are two forms of the verb sein = to be ("sein" is the infinitive, it means it's the base form of the verb.. just like when you say "to be" in English)

Every verb in German is conjugated... that means it changes its form depending which person is acting... similar to "I walk" / "he walks" in English (when you add the "s"), just German language has more forms of each verb. Usually just the ending changes, but the verb "sein" is irregular (just like it is in English)

sein = to be

ich bin = I am

du bist = you are

er/sie/es ist = he/she/it is

wir sind = we are

ihr seid = you are (you guys are)

sie sind = they are

so "sind" is used for "wir sind" (we are) or "sie sind" (they are) and "seid" is used for "ihr seid" ... you use "ihr seid" when you're talking to a group of people. In other words saying "you are here" will be different when you're talking to one person (=du bist hier) and when you're talking to more people (=ihr seid hier)... to get things even more trickier if you're talking formally (to a person you respect - like your teacher or generelly an older person you don't know) you use "Sie sind" for both one and more people... (in this case "Sie" should be a capital letter).

Hope this makes sense

March 13, 2018
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Thanks. Everything helps me. You did a great job explaining.

March 14, 2018
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