Chinese pronunciation does not match the pinyin given.

There are many pronunciations that are not matching the pinyin given by Duo. For example: Duo pronounces 跑 as páo for another Chinese character 刨 but pinyin given is pǎo which is the right pronunciation for the character. I did not write down all of them I found before. But I will post them if I find them again one by one. Chinese is my native language. Hope they know this issue and correct them.

March 13, 2018


I just started Chinese Duolingo about a month ago and have not got the top level yet.

March 13, 2018

Not matching: Duo pronounces 扫 with sào but the pinyin is given as sǎo. When it is in the word 扫把, it is pronounced as sào but when it is in the word 扫地, it is pronounced as sǎo.

March 13, 2018
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I have also reported some more, but it may take some time for the website's developers (instead of the course contributors) to resolve.

  • 咖 kā (for 咖啡), but pronounced/spelled as gā (for 咖喱 which is not taught)
  • 术 shù (for 艺术) → zhú (for 白术)
  • 夫 fū (for 丈夫) → fú (for classical Chinese)
  • 参 cān (for 参加) → shēn (for 人参)
  • 将 jiāng (for 将要) → jiàng (for 将士)
  • 漂 piào (for 漂亮) → piāo (for 漂浮)
  • 儿 ér (for 儿子) → er (neutral tone, -r for 这-儿)
  • 给 gěi (for 给你) → jǐ (for 给予)
  • 肚 dù (for 肚子) → dǔ (for 牛肚, tripe)
  • 卷 juǎn (for 春卷) → juàn (for 试卷)
  • 载 zǎi (for 下载) → zài (for 装载)
  • 扫 sǎo (for 打扫) → sào (for 扫把)
  • 排 pái (for 排球) → pǎi (?)
  • 个 gè → ge (?)
  • 旅 lǚ → lǔ
March 14, 2018
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