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Good job for the TOEIC !

Hello everybody,

I just open this discuss to talk about the TOEIC. I need to have 785 points . And i'm really bad in English, i have juste 570 points. I try to not use the translater, so i think that my sentences are not very good. But please give me some advice to make me better.

Thanks in advance !

March 13, 2018

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First, continue learning with Duolingo it will help you at least a bit.

Then, you can use other websites, such as Memrise, for learning some vocabulary. You also need to read and listen to English, the easiest way is to read online newspaper and watching YouTube videos in English (and also videos for learrning English in your mother language, you also can find a higher level than just some vocabulary) You will have to write and speak in English too. For that, you can find some clubs or go to some Discord servers for learning English.

I hope I helped you, and if you have a question you can ask!


Native English speaker here. My best advice is to practice. Engage in conversations with people in English, keep practicing with Duolingo, Memrise and watch some videos on YouTube. I can help you if you want


As you certainly already know TOEIC is based on listening understanding, speed and quizzes. You have to train yourself a lot to achieve a good TOEIC score. It's first a matter of efficency. As Sebastien advised you, try to use different learning tools to cross knowledges and boost your improvements. By the way, there are dedicated exercice books available in stores for preparing the TOEIC. But the most valuable investment would be to get close to a Chamber of Commerce where they provide many people with intensive languages courses and organize regular TOEIC sessions. Good luck, mate! Just for your information, getting a score above 900 is something that will ignite recruters interest for your application.

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