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I finished my French tree today, but want suggestions...

I've been working really hard at French and have managed to keep all of my skills golden.

I completed the tree in only 52 days on level 14 with 7308XP

I'm going to try and get to level 25 and keep my skills golden, but does anyone have any suggestions on where to go to further my French (e.g. Any apps, books, videos??)

March 13, 2018


  1. Try the "practice" tab to become more familiarised with words you don't know

  2. Read French children's books [out loud] to help with pronunciation (search up words you don't know on https://forvo.com/) and learn new words. Here's a website to get you started : https://www.thefrenchexperiment.com/stories

  3. GO THROUGH DUOLINGO STORIES; they're great for opening you up to what a native conversation might sound like.

  4. There are a lot of more intermediate-level lessons on youtube; I personally like the channel, French with Alexa (https://www.youtube.com/user/learnfrenchwithalexa), but there are many others too!

  5. Talk to others in French! It allows you to get used to speaking, interacting, thinking, responding, etc. in French, which is a hard thing to become familiarised with!


Helpful Links :

  1. Google Translate (English-French Translator) : https://translate.google.ca/#en/fr

  2. Word Reference (English-French Dictionary) : http://www.wordreference.com/

  3. Conjugator Reverso (French verb conjugator) : http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french.html

  4. Forvo (French word pronounciatons) : https://forvo.com/

  5. Duolingo Stories (French Stories) : https://stories.duolingo.com/

  6. French Experiment (French Stories) : https://www.thefrenchexperiment.com/stories

  7. French with Alexa (Beginner-Intermediate French lessons on specific topics) : https://www.youtube.com/user/learnfrenchwithalexa


I gave you 2 Lingots Madhav, because your suggestions were well worth 2 lingots.


Thank you, I will try them all


Also try Speechling - great for recording and listening to your pronunciation. The recordings are all made by native speakers and you can even have a real native-speaker access and coach you. The site is free and allows for 10 assessments per month or you can pay a small subscription fee for unlimited coaching.


PS If you do decide to sign up and pay, do a search for reviews - many include a code that will get you 10% off.


tried it, like it.useful addition, based on short acquaintance. thanks, rip.


Very useful ways to improve our french. Merci Beaucoup


Do the reverse tree. There are words in the reverse English-French tree that are not in the French-English tree. Also, "KDO French" is an old youtube site that reads poetry slowly while underlining the words. It is a great resource for hearing and visualizing pronunciation. Avoid children's stories unless that's your thing. You're an adult and have the power and ability to grasp adult literature in French. Bi-lingual Poetry is my suggestion as it focuses on short sentences while introducing you to a few new words. Finally, what you need to learn now are tons of nouns and adjectives, along with further expanding your grasp on verb tenses. McGraw-Hill's Practice Makes Perfect series, particularly French Verb Tenses is a really great resource. The whole series for that matter is excellent.


Doing the reverse tree is wonderful advice. Thank you! Before I finished the French tree last week, I kept seeing users who had the U.S. English symbol and hadn't realized how they had gotten that. Now I know, and I'm enjoying the reverse tree very much.


Do you have any poems, poets, or books that you can suggest?


These are a good intro into French Poetry. Although I am not a life long fan of Jacques Prévert, his post WWII book of poems, Paroles, is very good. It was an enormous sensation at the time and is still considered a great work. The words are very simple but the imagery is vast (like all good poetry, huh).

Dual language poetry books:

ISBN-10: 0872860426 - Jacques Prévert, Paroles

ISBN-10: 1533212430 - Charles Baudelaire Les Fleurs du Mal

ISBN-10: 0140423850 - The Penguin Book of French Poetry 1820-1950


Felicitations!! Some resources I like: tv5monde.com and their free app 7jours sur la planète for short news clips, bookili: a cute app with narrated children’s stories. Also, the frenchexperiment.com for stories. Podcasts: Coffee Break French and Podclub: balades and for shows watching Extra en Francais (youtube), a sitcom made for language learners, and Mofy (it’s super cute!). I also like l’obs la conjugaison app for verb practice. Lyricstraining.com is a really fun site for music. If you want to start reading some French content Readlang web reader is a great! You might want to try the reverse tree French from English, as it will require more writing in french and thus is a nice challenge.


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It is good to keep learning new things, like Mahatam Gandhi said "Live as if you were to die tomorrow.Lean as if you were to live forever".


First, congrats!

Then there is a few thing you can do.

So first, you can do the reverse tree. Doing the English course for French speaker will maybe give you new words and also make practising.

Then, there I think you should practice what I call the "Big Four": Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.

For the Listening, the easiest way is probaby to watch videos (on YouTube for example) in French on subjects you like. So you will get used to the French language better than now and also maybe learn things that interrest you.

The reading part can be done while reading newspaper or any other thing that interrest you in French (with Wikipedia for example).

For the speaking and writing part it's a bit more complicated, but not that much. French is a very popular language all around the world, so you can probably find very easily groups of people that do meeting in French sometimes with maybe also native speakers! So you can practise your speaking and maybe writing (by texting). Or the other very easy way is to use Discord. You can easily find some Discord server with people learning French and/or with normal French native speaker.

I hope I helped you, and again, congrats!


Only 52 days? Very successful. Goood !

And maybe, ıt can a lot of suggestions for French;


Edit: A lot of links for listening ;



I think of resources like Duolingo as building a foundation. enough vocabulary and structure to start to listen. Consider how you learned your first language - a sustained period of listening with very small adventures into speaking that imitated patterns you heard. There really wasn't much of a deliberate period of memorization.

So the next step, in parallel to working on making the content in Duolingo automatic, really has to be building your ear and expanding your vocabulary. It depends on what your interests are - I have listened to the RFI podcast 'Journal en français facile', which is a daily newscast of about 10 minutes.

From there, I would think about pushing your French language into use - I have been doing a few MOOCs (one at a time) from French universities (https://www.fun-mooc.fr/login?next=/dashboard) to build comprehension and vocabulary in specific areas.


I completed my tree half a year ago. After Duolingo I have been a bit stuck. I want to be fluent, quickly. Any suggestions? (Also this method shouldn’t take too much time, I have to have completed my German tree in 3 months.)


Language friends help you practice. Use an app like Hello Talk so you can practice with a real person and make new friends.


Download an app such as Hello talk to find a language friend. I have had language friends for my Turkish and with them I am able to practice and learn a lot. What lots of people do I transfer to a IM app called WhatsApp which is faster.


I like to read Wikipedia pages in my target language, but that's just me. It really does help with vocabulary, and you might learn something new in the process!


I like to do that, too! I started by reading pages about Star Trek: Voyager in French.

Getting really ambitious, I also bought The Da Vinci Code in French, hoping to one day read it (in parallel with my English copy) and start to train myself to read faster.


That's great! Keep up the good work!

[deactivated user]

    Maybe try other websites try to watch movies with French audio and English subtitles read children's books in French.


    I have used Pimsleur and thought it was great at becoming more fluent.


    I've found the same. Good times.


    Congratulations... I also finished my Hebrew course today in 49 days....but I want to go over many things again. I thought that for improving your French, if you are a Christian, you can read the New Testament in French... there are everywhere free translations to any language!


    Hi Gloria, I plan on doing Hebrew after I finish the 78 branches in French to level GOLD.


    Listening to French radio. I found it really challenging and only when I started the reverse tree did I realise how slow the audio exercises are. It is very hard to understand anything at first, just the odd word. There are a lot f free station online.

    Bande Dessinee, there are lots of great tomes out there that are beautiful and a really good read before working up to dense text i.e French Novels. Duolingo only gets you so far so expect to have a dictionary to hand.


    Would you say you ONLY completed level A1 or level A2 after completing the 78 branches (skills) of the French tree?


    http://www.bonjourdefrance.com/ This site is quite good too. Check it out


    Try a another website or maybe try a new course


    If I might suggest Conversation Exchange for getting in contact with native speakers. Also French Crazy has a list of resources that he uses (that's what I linked you to) as well as resources that he himself made.
    EDIT: I would like to add what people before me have said which is do the reverse tree, but make sure you read the comments as they are all in French which should help you to learn how people speak.


    Something that really helped me learn faster was finding language exchange partners. I would use Duolingo and then practise what I learned with natives so I would forget the vocab. Here is a good article about the benefits have a language partner can have: https://www.vivalanga.com/blog/top-4-benefits-of-having-a-language-exchange-partner

    Hope this helps and good luck with your french :)


    living language french PDF and Audios


    Hey,a question.How do you feel after finished French duolingo course?Do you think you're able to converse at any decent level? This question is regarding the duolingo only,not any additional work you've done.Just wanna get the idea how far it gets us.


    Dusko, I wonder the same thing. After completing the 78 branches (skills) of the French tree, I assume you will have completed Level A2. Any other guesses?


    for pronunciation search on you tube, "frances for beginners"


    That is very impressive that you completed all 78 skills (branches) to the golden level in just 52 days. I have been on French Duolingo for more than 60 days and ONLY my first 32 skills are at level 2. I still have 46 skills to complete, then I need to move from level 2 to golden for these 78 branches, skills.

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