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What other learning methods do you use? (beside Duolingo)

Duolingo is very good but do you use other learning methods or courses beside Duolingo to learn French? What are they? How do you back up? (I mean online mostly)

July 3, 2012



When I was first learning I used BBC french, specifically "Ma France"


A BBC film crew goes on a tour of France with a French guide, who speaks nice and slowly. Subtitled in both languages, which you can turn on and off independently. There are also lots of exercises, but I think Duolingo's are better :)


The one true secret is to read, read, read. Read as many French novels and newspapers as you can get your hands on. That's the only way you'll stand any chances of actually mastering the language, instead of just mangling it. Plus, it's an incredible feeling to be able to read Camus, Proust, Sartre, Hugo and all the others in the original.


I originally used busuu.com to gain a great vocabulary foundation in French. I still recommend the website.

About.com is also fantastic for language learning, especially for French.


I'm not looking for anything else. Duolingo is as close to perfect for me as I've ever seen in learning languages...and that's saying something (English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Kiswahili, Kisikuma, and now working on French).


I find duolingo is great for reading, writing and listening but I have to supplement the speaking with michel thomas audio tapes. I used michel thomas initially when I was learning mandarin and it helped get me over that initial speaking hump.


I supplement by following the podcasts from Coffee Break French (I use their iphone app to listen to their audio podcasts, but I think there's more on their website). There is plenty of free material (good quality) which is really cool, plus I find the teaching style just perfect for me.


I think what the good exercise would be a reading (and memorization) some lyrics from french songs. Like that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJCQDd4vYjg


If you want to learn to speak French well, Pimsleur is great. The Pimsleur method is meant to teach you the language by listening and speaking, but I don't learn that way so I just use it for the vocal part.

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