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how much spanish will i learn in 4 months

I am going to Mexico in 4 months and i want to learn how to speak spanish

March 13, 2018



If you REALLY want to, be sure to put in the hours! Google "Notes in Spanish" and listen to the podcasts a LOT ...


The beginner episodes of notes in Spanish are really helpfull!


Thanks! Be sure to listen to each episode more than once. You will find stuff that you didn't get the first couple of times ...


Use Language Transfer to learn how to hear and say stuff. https://www.languagetransfer.org/ Use Duolingo to build your skills in an orderly fashion. Lo que mas importante, Encuentra alguien con quien pueden practicar lo que aprendes.


100 days free course (phrasebook): www.50languages.com (included day text script)

It has native recorded MP3 audio.

From Goethe Verlag there would be the corresponding book available (if you do not print the free text scripts): http://www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/

Check their online vocabulary trainer to see a grouped words list with pictures and sound (it is always nice to have some pictures associated to words to better learn (and recall) them, isn't it?)


Depende como complementes tu aprendizaje. Desde cero y usando solamente duolingo por 4 meses, creo alcanzarás un nivel A1+/A2. Si usas más recursos como complemento, creo que puedes llegar a un nivel B1+/B2. Te recomiendo escuchar mucha música en español repitiendo las letras, practica con alguien, también visualiza que actividades harás en tu viaje y realiza notas en forma de "post-it" en tu idioma nativo, por ejemplo:

front / rear

post-it #1 ¿qué hora es? / what time is it? post-it #2 ¿cómo llego a ....? / how can I get to the ...? post-it #n ¿cuánto cuesta? / how much..?

Si necesitas ayuda en algo, me puedes contactar.



It depends on how quickly you learn, whether you know a little Spanish or not, what languages you know, what other things you are using to help you learn i.e. hellotalk, podcasts, TV shows/ movies etc., how much time you are willing to put in to learn Spanish. Really there is no standard time frame for learning a language. For some people it takes months and for others years. But if you finish the Duo tree, use other sources, and dedicate time/effort to learning you will probably be conversational.


I learned English in 6 months by watching tv will that help:)


That's all up to you and how much effort you put in to it.


I'm going to the Dominican Republic and I will give Lingots to anyone who can successfully teach me how to roll my tongue.

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