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problems using the site on firefox

Is anybody else experiencing problems using the site on firefox? They started occurring yesterday.

  • every now and then I get 404 (whatever I click)
  • sometimes page doesn't load; example: activity (same thing with opening skills, or discussion....)

btw everything works fine if I use chrome.

April 18, 2014



Hey guys, this should be fixed now! Could you let us know if you're still having this problem?


Seems to work fine. Thanks. P.S. Do you know, some articles in the Immersion section have mix of latin and cyrillic letters?


Hm, could you send us a ticket via the support tab w/ some examples? Thanks!

and thanks to everyone who reported this :)


What version of firefox are you using?


What OS are you using? This is also helpful! Thanks for the speedy response. We're loooking into it :)


Having similar problems with Firefox 28.0 on Windows 8.


Same here win7 ff28 and same problems. Also everything but the home tab stopped working yesterday evening. Email notifications led to 404 pages.


I use Duckduckgo and have not had any problems


Firefox is a slower browser than Chrome. I have also been experiencing these issues using firefox and have now switched to Chrome for duolingo. I think that your problem is that Firefox is simply slower than Chrome. P.S. If you really love firefox, you might be glad to hear that firefox is soon going to come out with an update that is supposedly going to make it faster. Hope this helps! :)


Only just seen this thread. Had the same problem for a couple of days. However, site appears to be working fine now. Fingers crossed! :-)


Same with me on three different computers. Now working last night and this morning. (so far) Firefox 23 and 28, win 7.


Error 404 just now again when I clicked the link of this discussion in the notification bell's dropdown menu


That happened to me yesterday, in the evening. I thought that Duo was just working slow, so didn't say anything. But I've already gotten two Error 404's today, and slow loadings, so I'm not as sure.


I had that problem a few times yesterday. Before I post a comment I copy it and reload the page to make sure no one has answered the question already. If they have not I paste it and post it. Anyway I got 404 twice yesterdays doing that. I had to go back to the discusission main menu and relocate the link that worked. I use FireFox 28.0/windows vista I also noticed some other odd random behavior where the links menu at the top of the page would not work if you selected certain items first (messages). But if you selected another item first it would allow the link to work.

Update same problem today. I disabled all add-ons and it did not help. Reloading the page in discussion triggers it. And the menu on top page randomly works.


Experiencing problems described above and still occurring today. Never had a problem before.

I am using Firefox 28.0 and Windows 7.

Chrome and IE work fine.

Seems to be working OK this morning - Sat 19th. Spoke too soon. Clicked to view a comment by Remy which has been deleted -Error 404 - after which only the Home screen will display but lacks display of XP points on the Leaderboard of those I follow.


Having similar problems with Firefox 28.0 on Windows 7. Until yesterday Firefox was working great with DuoLingo.

And as an aside, the Android App for Kindle Fire on Amazon is terrific! Thank you!


It seems to happen only when opening links in a new tab.

Edit: it also happens when clicking "Reload".


I'm also using Firefox 28.0 on Windows 7 and having similar errors. I'm having to use Chrome to even leave this comment. I can get to the home screen, but it only reloads if I click "Strengthen skills", while clicking any of the lessons changes the address in the address bar, but nothing happens after that.


The same here. FF 24 on Linux. Happens when opening links in new tab. After second or third try it loads ok. Also happens when refreshing discussion forums. Takes a few reloads. The same problem with refreshing home page, sometimes the leaderboard won't load. The only thing that refreshes OK is the Incubator. It's been happening last 3 days or so. Can't tell if it works OK in Chrome / Chromium as I don't use it.


I don't know if this is a related problem but Firefox also uses insane amounts of memory when translating really long articles (like this one: https://www.duolingo.com/translation/ed85e462cee35c6a80c63ff6efac6326).

For me, memory usage went up to 2.4 GB before the machine gave in and crashed.


Usagiboy7 asked me to leave a post on what is happening to me. I am using Internet Explorer. When I go to look at my emails from Duolingo, I get a note that someone has posted on my stream or made a comment on something that I wrote, but there is nothing for me to click on to "go to the activity" As of 1 am EST, it is still not working. Thanks and btw, you at Duo HQ all do fabulous work and I love Duolingo.

Edit: Still having the same problem Easter morning.


Hi jolynnedougherty, would you mind forwarding the email to support@duolingo.com so we can take a look at the problem? and in the email please include which version of IE you're using. Thanks!


This just started to happen to me today (31/1/17). Firefox 47.0.2 suddenly won't give me a log-in page, just one to create a profile. No problem with Chrome.

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