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problems using the site on firefox

Is anybody else experiencing problems using the site on firefox? They started occurring yesterday.

  • every now and then I get 404 (whatever I click)
  • sometimes page doesn't load; example: activity (same thing with opening skills, or discussion....)

btw everything works fine if I use chrome.

April 18, 2014



Hey guys, this should be fixed now! Could you let us know if you're still having this problem?


Seems to work fine. Thanks. P.S. Do you know, some articles in the Immersion section have mix of latin and cyrillic letters?


What version of firefox are you using?


I use Duckduckgo and have not had any problems


Firefox is a slower browser than Chrome. I have also been experiencing these issues using firefox and have now switched to Chrome for duolingo. I think that your problem is that Firefox is simply slower than Chrome. P.S. If you really love firefox, you might be glad to hear that firefox is soon going to come out with an update that is supposedly going to make it faster. Hope this helps! :)


Only just seen this thread. Had the same problem for a couple of days. However, site appears to be working fine now. Fingers crossed! :-)


Same with me on three different computers. Now working last night and this morning. (so far) Firefox 23 and 28, win 7.


Error 404 just now again when I clicked the link of this discussion in the notification bell's dropdown menu

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