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What's the difference between dem, and den?

July 3, 2012



Den is the accusative masculine singular form of the article "the". Dem ist the dative masculine and neutral form of the article "the". For example: Ich esse den Apfel (I eat the apple), or Ich esse an dem Tisch "I eat at the table".


Dem is dative masculine and dative neuter. Den is accusative masculine and dative plural.


Dem will most likely be used with dative prepositions such as mit, nach, bei, etc. You would use dem after these (and other prepositions) when the noun is masculine or neuter.
Ich spreche mit dem Mann. (I speak with the man. der Mann >> dem Mann)
Wir haben nach dem Spiel geredet. (We talked after the game. das Spiel >> dem Spiel)

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