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  5. "I like French wines."

"I like French wines."

Translation:Me gustan los vinos franceses.

March 13, 2018



Is it gustan because it is referring to French wines (plural)?


Is vinos de Francia and vinos franceses the same or is there a difference?


Is the los requiered here?


Yes, because you're talking about French wines in general (all French wines) and because it's the subject of the Spanish sentence (French wines are pleasing to me).
When the subject of the sentence is meant in general, Spanish usually uses the definite article and English doesn't.
Life is beautiful. La vida es hermosa.
Cigarettes are dangerous. Los cigarrillos son peligrosos.
We don't like German food ( = German food is not pleasing to us ). No nos gusta la comida alemana.


Just want to stress the importance of the noun being the subject of the Spanish sentence. When this is the case, the article is used.

(French wines are pleasing to me.) Me gustan los vinos franceses.

As opposed to...

(You have orange shoes.) Tienes zapatos naranjas.


Why gustan? Isnt it usually refering to a group if it ends in n


French wines are a group of wines. Wines is plural. But note that I like French wine = Me gusta el vino franc├ęs.


Me gustan los vinos franceses ... marked wrong ... what am I missing ?!?!?!


I reported ...


I prefer Argentinian Malbec, region Mendoza. Better than the overestimated French wines.

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