Hvem vet SKAM ?

Do you know the tv show SKAM ? If you don't and if you are learning nowegian, I suggest you to watch it. It's amazing !

March 13, 2018


I think its great that you are learning Norwegian through the Tv-series SKAM.

Id like to use your post to give you a friendly comment on your headline.

It sounds to me that you have translated "Hvem vet SKAM?" directly from another language. I guess it wouldn't be anything wrong with saying "Who know(s) SKAM?" in English, but its not quite right in Norwegian.

Sometimes, especially in Norways other written language (Nynorsk), sentences has to be more rich to give perfect sense.

Alternatives, and more correct Norwegian could be written: "Hvem vet om SKAM?" "Who knows about SKAM?" (Even though this is perfectly understandable to a Norwegian watching the show, it may be unclear for someone else.)

"Hvem kjenner til TV-serien SKAM?" "Who knows the TV-series SKAM?", or "Er det noen som har sett den norske tv-serien SKAM?" "Has anyone seen the Norwegian TV-series SKAM?"

Keep on going :) I am doing the French courses, maybe ill watch the French version of SKAM when they release it.

Do you know when and where they’re releasing the versions of Skam in other languages?
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Ja, jeg elsker skam, jeg har selv sett alle sesongene og sesongen to har jeg sett to ganger fordi William og Noora er favorittene mine. Jeg skal fortsatt fortsette å se på det igjen og igjen.

Ya I love skam, its the reason is started learning Norwegian.

how can one watch it if one does not live in Norway? NRK just tells us "programmet kan ikke visses i utlandet"

I watch it here: I live in the United States, that one might not work either in some countries.

jeg gjør i started just because of it, and i'm really euphoric about it

Jeg begynte å lære meg norsk for ett år siden fordi jeg elsker SKAM! Mest av kameratene mine i norsk kurs har sett også på SKAM. Jeg tror at det er den andre grunnen folk pleier å studere norsk nå (den først grunnen er for å flytte til Norge).

Ett år? Jeg er imponert. Du er flink :)

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