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dieser and diese

Is there a difference in the pronunciation of (dieser and diese)

March 13, 2018



The r in dieser is a soft r, which means it sounds roughly like 'ah'. When an r is at the end of a syllable, it is a soft r. So..

dieser = dies-ah
diese = dies-e


That was very helpful .. so does this apply to all german words ending in the same syllable i.e (er)?


Yes, you can hear the R in dieser.
(Google translate let you hear the difference) Hope this helps! Greets ;)


just went to google translate, but the pronunciation there is absolutly horrible and gets nowhere close to the actual pronunciation. And NO, you can't hear the R in german word endings with R, it's always something like AH

Try forvo for pronunciation https://forvo.com/word/dieser/#de


we do speak the r in the end. it is a soft r though which you speak like from "deep in your throat" , and about the link you posted: i do hear the r in the end of their pronuciation


I'm German ;) and usually you only hear the R if it's pronounced very clearly. That's why I always told my daughter when she was learning to write, speak clearly. It's spelled Wasser, not Wassa or Vater not Vata. :D


well i am german as well :-D and yes sometimes it is difficult to hear to hear the r but it ist still spoken.

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