"Acesta este un contract de donație."

Translation:This is a donation contract.

March 13, 2018

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What is a donation contract? Yes I understand it is a contract around a donation, but not really a term for new language speakers?


Native English speaker - what is a donation contract? Is it a contract for unpaid work? I have never heard the term.


For unpaid work is used a volunteer contract/agreement, this is mostly used by the non-profit serious organizations :) An donation contract/agreement ends when one of the parties offers money or assets to the partner.


Is it similar to a standing order from a bank account to make regular contributions to a charity?


Somehow. I believe that in this case there is no need for a contract.


What is a donation contract? This is not something which exists in English. If you make a donation, it is freely given without contracts. If you wish to make it a regular donation, you would set up a standing order with your bank, not a donation contract.


Perhaps you have heard of the ”donation agreement” instead. It is the same thing, in Romanian it is called ”contract de donație” more often than ”acord de donație”. About the existence of such contracts... you probably haven't been in a position to deal with one. You can see a template of such a contract here https://www.wonder.legal/us/modele/donation-agreement, if you ever will need it.


Thank you for the information.


This is a contract for donation i think should also be approved. Also shouldn't be a donation's contract?

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