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Timed Practice

I notice that I am not getting as many points for a timed practice... I used to get 20 XP for all correct and beating the timer... I just tried it now and got 18 XP, and then I made 2 mistakes on another timer and only got 16 XP, even though I beat the clock again. What is going on?

March 13, 2018



Not being able to earn 20 points for a timed practice has happened for years, on and off. Why it happens I do not know. A/B test? How often you have done that particular strengthen? Some vagary of Duo's programming? I don't know.

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You don't get 20 XP for all correct probably because you don't get 20 questions every session. This has happened lately for some of us at least. At the end of a session, you can click on "Review lesson" and see how many questions you got. It's still 1 XP per correct answer.

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