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When is the Japanese course expected to be out of Beta?

I give the people that create these classes a lot of credit. And for those who are very quick to jump down someone's throat for expressing there opinion on here, I am not putting the teacher down with what I am saying here. I have gone through quite a few different language courses in DuoLingo but I have found the Japanese course to be inconsistent with the other courses from a teaching and learning perspective. I'm very curious if Duo is taking feedback from any one in helping to better this course for when it is out of beta testing. I am curious when it is estimated to me out of beta. I get so frustrated with things in the beta I'm thinking I should wait until they are done testing and release, a hopefully better version. I say all of this with all due respect for the people that created this course.

March 13, 2018


[deactivated user]

    You should start with at least the first few skills, they seem pretty accurate and will really help you with basic hirigana and pronunciation.

    "Beta" just means testing, not all necessarily wrong. In fact, their Chinese course, when it was in beta, was pretty right and accurate and helped me recall a lot of Chinese I had learned over the years then forgot.


    Just FYI, going out of beta is based only on not receiving (anymore) too much reports daily. So no way to know in advance when this will happen: it's not something "planned" as "on that date we go out of beta" but is based on data.

    During beta phase, the contributors add extra possible answers, correct any error, etc. --- which allows to reduce the number of daily reports for non accepted correct answers and for mistakes --- but they cannot change the structure of the course. So the course will be the same, in terms of its structure, after being out of beta.
    So I don't think your issues with the course in terms of being "inconsistent with the other courses from a teaching and learning perspective" will be solved by it being out of beta. At least if I understand correctly your remark when I "a teaching and learning perspective" has related to the structure of the course. In which case, "wait until they are done testing and release, a hopefully better version" will not happen once out of beta but could only be addressed by a new version of the tree. Which cannot be worked on before being out of beta, but would still be weeks/months after they start working on a new version which itself usually (= what happened for all other courses) don't happen just after being out of beta.

    So my advice would be to take the course as it is rather than waiting for unknown time (which could be (very) long) for changes that will not necessarily happen in the next version (nor the one after, etc.).


    Yes - respect to all the DL people. It is a thankless task. But for any language section to improve, whether to get out of Beta or not, the discussions and especially the 'reports' on 'My answer should be accepted" must be monitored. I don't know the number of folks working on DL Japanese, but listening to the learners should be a top priority. Also in ESL schools in Japan, students are sometimes taught only one 'correct' way to say something in English. In many cases there are several equally good ways to express the sentence. I think some effort should be put into adding more 'correct' answers to the lookup list in the computer using help from learners. Thank You

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