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  5. "Ele nu sunt angajatoarele."

"Ele nu sunt angajatoarele."

Translation:They are not the employers.

March 14, 2018



How are you supposed to know that the answer is: "They are not the employers" instead of "They are not employers" (in the general sense that such person don't employ anyone and therefore do not fit the general criteria of being labeled as an employer). I can see both possibilities as something one could say.

  • 1975

The problem resides in the Romanian phrase. The use of the definite article (angajatoarele) asks for a determiner. For example, "Ele nu sunt angajatoarele de care vorbim." (They are not the employers we are talking about.), "Ele nu sunt angajatoarele perfecte." (They are not the perfect employers.), etc.

Ele nu sunt angajatoare. (unarticulated) = They are not employers.

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