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  5. "Ellos beben en el bar."

"Ellos beben en el bar."

Translation:They drink at the bar.

March 14, 2018



I hear a V and not a b

Edit: slow i do hear a b


V and B are pronounced the same in Spanish. In the majority of the Spanish-speaking world, they are both pronounced /b/, but in some part of Spain, they are both pronounced /v/


Well, en Espanol, v's and b's are kind of interchangeable. ;)


I suggested 'on' the bar (which is correct, but marked wrong) and DL says 'at' the bar (which is correct also)


Where I come from people also drink "in" a bar. A bar refers to both the structure on which drinks are served (so "at" the bar) and the entire establishment (so "in" the bar). This applies to all of the US. I don't know about the UK. I think there the establishment is a pub.

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