"He hit the bird."

Translation:Il a atteint l'oiseau.

March 14, 2018



how come this can't be 'il a frappé l'oiseau' ?

March 14, 2018


I was wondering the same thing! Word Reference says that "frapper" can mean to hit or strike, surely that fits in this question?

March 22, 2018


I agree. I think someone can "frapper" a bird. Not nice, but linguistically possible, I'd say.

September 23, 2018


well, if the bird is an ostrich and it attacked you...

September 23, 2018


I used frapper also, and, technically, I think it should be okay. However, on the up side, by getting it wrong I learned the difference between frapper un oiseau and atteindre un oiseau.

January 20, 2019


What's wrong with "Il a frappé l'oiseau?"

Without any context whatsoever, for all I know that bird might be a potty-mouthed parrot who went one squawk over the line.

June 22, 2018


Why is frappé not acceptable?

March 17, 2018


As many have already pointed out, the context is not clear enough to think of "atteint".

September 3, 2018


I also used frappé and got it wrong. :(

May 1, 2018


I thought 'atteindre' was to reach, as in a goal or destination? J'ai aussi utilisé le verbe 'frapper'.

July 19, 2018


I can only guess this means he hit the bird while shooting, but that is not obvious at all.

July 23, 2018


My best guess is that it's badminton.

September 23, 2018


Yeah, you hit a "birdie" or "shuttlecock" in badminton. :)

April 11, 2019


Which is "le volant" in French.

April 11, 2019


Good to know, thanks!!!

April 11, 2019


For "atteindre", not necessarily shooting, though that's a likely possibility. Also throwing a rock, etc.

October 27, 2018


Is this idiomatic because 3 other translation services do not translate this as he hit the bird.

May 21, 2018


'a frappé' marked wrong?

July 5, 2018


Same question as all the others. "Il a atteint l'oiseau" doesn't make sense ("Il a frappé l'oiseau" is bad enough).

July 16, 2018


why is there no answer to the questin that everyone below poses?

July 20, 2018


Ditto everyone else, why not a frappe!!!

July 27, 2018


frappe should be accepted

July 27, 2018


Pourquoi pas "il a frappé l'oiseau? "

August 4, 2018


For what it's worth' I agree with everyone else frappé should be accepted. And it is odd that no moderator has responded to so many frustrated voices.

September 15, 2018


Frapper (punch) doesn't make sense for a bird (you can still punch birds though, but it's pretty hard to do when they are flying and consequently it's not a very common thing to do). "Hit" here refers to the act of shooting a bird down with a rifle or other projectile, in which case the bullet is "reaching" (atteint) the bird.

Comprenez-vous maintenant?

September 3, 2018


Yes, but Duolingo has a lot of silly sentences. :) In the Japanese course, we have a dog selling hats. In the Spanish course, there is a horse swimming in my pool. ...Um... I can't think of a favorite French sentence at the moment... Maybe you all can post some below.

September 9, 2018

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In Norwegian, if I remember correctly, we sit on the ground and cry.

October 2, 2018


I never would have thought of hit as meaning shooting a bird with a rifle. That's pretty specialized, and without any context to indicate that one is hunting, it's not what most people would think. Nor are most people probably thinking of punching the bird (although that would be more likely that shooting the bird). I expect that most people, like me, put this into the much more common experience of hitting a bird with a car or other vehicle. If I hit the bird with my car, what is the correct verb to use?

November 15, 2018


I believe "heurter" is used (especially in the case of airplanes), and perhaps also "frapper". I'd be happy to hear from a native French speaker, though.

November 15, 2018


It might depend on how exactly the accident happens. You could use the verbs 'heurter', 'renverser' (knock down) or 'écraser' (run over).

November 15, 2018


" Il a percuté l'oiseau " was not accepted. I reported it. It might sound more natural to say, " Il a percuté l'oiseau lorsqu'il roulait (en voiture, en moto, à bicyclette). " (He hit the bird while driving \while riding his motorcycle \while riding his bicycle.)


February 6, 2019


That is ridiculous. "Hit" could mean anything. It is not confined to hitting with a rifle. "Frapper" should be accepted because there is no context to indicate otherwise.

March 2, 2019


Il a frappé l'oiseau

September 23, 2018


Bien que le mot "atteindre" puisse signifier "hit [as in reach] a target", "frapper" devrait être accepté aussi. Il n'y a pas assez d'informations pour conclure que l'on vise une cible.

August 20, 2018


Why atteindre, and not frapper

August 21, 2018


Pourquoi pas "frappé", Duo? Edit: Ah, I see according to Collins, hit in this sense is like hit by a projectile. Poor bird.

August 29, 2018


This must be some sort of idiomatic expression, but I have no idea what it means. I also used "frappe".

August 31, 2018


I'll argue that "Il a frappé l'oiseau" should be accepted also. The suggested "Il a atteint l'oiseau" would imply the bird was 'reached' by some projectile; as in he hit the bird by means of shooting it, throwing a rock at it, etc. The verb "frapper" to me carries the connotation of to whack, hit, knock, or smack; all of which are possible. Say a bent out of shape goose tries to get fresh with you and break your arm; "frapper".

January 11, 2019


Disturbing, isn't it, how many of us have translated "hit" as "frappé", which normally denotes a voluntary action, as opposed to the more benign "atteint", which sounds a bit less cruel. Poor birdie!

August 13, 2018


It's the US meaning of "hit". As in "hit the mark" and it really doesn't fit with a bird. You'd say he reached the bird and if you mean "hit" then it WOULD be frapper.

August 24, 2018

[deactivated user]

    A hunter would use this word, who else would be hitting birds most often? (Not that I am endorsing hunting.) You are all right in saying that frappé would be for a car hitting it. Perhaps Duolingo is trying to expand our vocabulary.

    September 26, 2018


    "frappe" is correct. So often the duolingo answer is not what a normal french speaker would use in conversation

    October 24, 2018


    Harumph! J'ai aussi choisi frapper, c'est frustrant.

    November 9, 2018


    Where is Sitesurf when you need him?

    August 15, 2018


    I arranged the words and made this sentence: "Il atteint l'oiseau" and Duo marked it correct. Was that an error? I know it should have been 'a atteint' since this is the passé composé lesson.

    November 15, 2018


    Yes, that would seem to be an error on Duo's part.

    November 15, 2018


    << La bave du crapaud n'atteint pas la blanche colombe. >>

    November 29, 2018


    I can see reached or touched but hit?

    February 18, 2019


    Why is il a frappé l'oiseau not correct?

    February 22, 2019


    agree with 'frapper'

    February 25, 2019


    Here is one more learner using "frapper"! Someone please... ...

    March 2, 2019


    Perhaps it could be "frappé" if you had the poor thing tied up in front of you and you were leaning over it with a ruler in your hand. "Atteint" means reached as in reached with your arrow, bullet, etc.

    April 1, 2019
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