"Non ho un tappeto in cucina."

Translation:I do not have a rug in the kitchen.

March 21, 2013

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Non ho un tappeto 'nella' cucina ?


I don't understand why it isn't "nella cucina" either!


I think you could say it that way, but "la" is unnecessary because it's just assumed. Like with "in tasca".


I read that if you talk about your kitchen or a familiar one to you, you need to use in cucnina. But if you use nella cucina, you add a nuance that the kitchen is unfamiliar to you, like a kitchen in a hotel.


As GidiZisk said, places that are familiar to you and the hearer needn't take an article.

"Nella cucina" is wrong because your kitchen is extremely familiar to you, and is a generic name for a place that pretty much everyone has. An Italian speaker would say "in cucina" for that reason.

The same with other places that are generic names of places, like churches or offices: "in chiesa" and "in ufficio", for example.


I haven't thought until now that it comes from the same reason that both house rooms and some outside places are considers to be generic.

Notice that with those outside places it is ok to use the definite version in some cases. Vado In chiesa means I attend mass (the emphasis is on the action of being there) and Vado alla chiesa means that you go to THE church (not necessarily in order to pray, but it could be. In this version you also tell which one). Slightly difference in meaning and different emphasis.

From the same reason I deduce that saying nella moves the emphasis to THE kitchen, and it will not make seance if the kitchen is mine or is familiar to me.


"nella cucina" is correct but it is like "inside the kitchen". Is there a way to know when a message was written?


When you talk about rooms in a house, you just need to say in + room .


I answered I don't have a carpet in kitchen and the answer was wrong I didn't write "my kitchen"!!! Where's this "my" in the sentence


"In kitchen" is just wrong in English. You need an article or possessive. In the kitchen, in my kitchen, etc.


I believe the reason why my can be used in English (as well as the) without being explicitely used in the Italian sentence is explained by the comments above: Because in cucina (as opposed to nella cucina) refers to your kitchen (or the most familiar one for you, could be your mum's if you live there).


How about "There is no rug in the kitchen"?

  • C’è (from ci è) = There is
  • Ci sono = There are


C'è una pagliuzza nel mio occhio. / There is a speck in my eye.

Non c'è bullismo in duolingo. / There is no bullying on duolingo.

Non c'è un tappeto in cucina / There is no a rug in the kitchen.

Ci sono gentili persone in Italia./ There are kind people in Italy.

In short, that's it! :)


il tappeto works both for rug and carpet.


It can be a carpet, but not the wall-to-wall one that's used as a type of flooring, which in Italian is known under the French name "moquette". I doubt you'd have one in a kitchen.


yes in UK some people have that.


It did not accept "a carpet" for me


mat is the same as rug or carpet isn't it?


A kitchen mat is the mat you set down on the floor in front of the sink and mayby the working cabinets too. I would have liked to write it here, I don't know if there is an other more specific word for that item in Italian, though.


I wrote - I haven't a rug in the kitchen. This is also correct but marked wrong. Maddening.:-( We do NOT have to use DO in the negative in English. We can say HAVE NOT or HAVEN'T and it is perfectly correct.


Why rug is ok but carpet isn't?


Because they're not the same thing; according to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpet) "The term carpet is often used in a similar context to the term rug, but rugs are typically considered to be smaller than a room and not attached to the floor". Tappeto only means the latter, a wall-to-wall carpet is moquette: the only overlap is on large rugs that are in fact called carpets in English, e.g. Persian carpets.


I put carpet...instead of rug. Why marked wrong?


Why the version "I have not a rug in the kitchen." is not right? Come on!!!


Because that is not correct in English. I have not = I don't have or I haven't got.


You don't have to put got after have. Both are correct.


Why not wallpaper?


Wallpaper = carta da parati. Not that I've ever seen it in Italy.

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