I Previously Posted this in trouble shooting but nobody has taken notice. I am translating a movie article in immersion and when I went to the immersion page it showed my upvotes. I went into the "Show votes" link and it did not include ANY votes I got from translating the article "Das Phantom". There is no way I am going to reach my next tier if this keeps happening.


Thank you!!!!

April 18, 2014


What is your translator tier for German? If it is above 1 and the votes are not showing as contributing to the next tier, then either they contributed to the tier before, or they are from people at a lower tier than you and don't count. Unless you know for a fact that those votes happened since you last went up a tier AND were made by people at the same tier or higher than you, then there is nothing to fix.

April 18, 2014

Can you please show the URL to the article? Thanks! Also, going to move this to the troubleshooting section.

April 18, 2014
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