"Acesta este un regat, nu o republică!"

Translation:This is a kingdom not a republic!

March 14, 2018

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When speaking about the political system in countries, natural English would be to say that: "This is a monarchy, not a republic!" In that context I've never heard a country describe its system as one of "kingdom".

Can or perhaps should regat be translated as monarchy? NB I'm aware of the word "monarhie". If not then this seems a very unnatural sentence in any language.


This is what, from what I know, many Romanians think


Nope. As a fellow Romanian, I can tell you that very few wish for a new monarchy


As someone who's married to a Romanian and visited Romania many times I have not come across a single Romanian who wants a kingdom. They want an end to corruption.


What I was wondering - is Duolingo trying to be political? It's useful to learn this phrase, yes. But the phrase as written does not apply to Romania as it stands. And, I've heard very little interest in changing Romania back to a Kingdom. In fact, I think part o the backlash against PNL is that it's associated with the old Kingdom, and not in a positive way.

Yes, a few people long for a return of the Kingdom. But maybe that's like the people you might find in Ukraine or Khazakstan or other USSR places who long for a return of the USSR.

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