Since we're talking about Japanese resources, I want to put a word in for the Lingodeer app. Tofugu gave it a fairly enthusiastic review last year (, and later on it made their "Best of 2017" list.

I haven't tried to test out of anything (tofugu says you can't), so I have started pretty much from scratch. Still, going through the lessons is quite entertaining and varied, even if it is content you are familiar with. Also there are kanji for everything. (I went into the settings and disabled romaji, so my current setting is "hiragana, kanji". If you want to, you can disable hiragana, too.) I also like that they have a brief but informative grammar explanation before each unit.

So, if you're looking for more resources, this is worth trying out.

March 14, 2018


I love Lingodeer!! I personally have gotten a lot out of it. I loved that I could set everything to Kanji/kana only for Japanese. The lessons are well rounded, and they now have stories at the end of most groups, That part is still in beta but it is really helpful so far! You absolutely can test out of lessons in Lingodeer, but it isn't done for each group of lessons, rather it is similar to Duolingo where you can do the shortcut and test out of multiple groups at once. I use it for Japanese, Chinese and Korean and I am very happy with it!

I see what happened re testing out: they didn't have it when tofugu first reviewed the app but they added it later because users wanted it. I'm sort of glad I didn't attempt to test out: I learned all kinds of vegetable names in the process, plus I too really like the stories - and I think those only exist in the earlier lessons for now?

I love it! I've been using it for 3 weeks now. I'll most likely use genki and bunpro after.

Since we're talking about Japanese resources....

Were you reading my RoTD from yesterday? Yeah, LingoDeer works beautifully, I use it for Mandarin Chinese (revision) and Korean (learning)

I really enjoy LingoDeer and appreciate that it gives explanations from tapping on each word.

The Korean course is slowly implementing voice-recording opportunities.

This is amazing, thank you!

Does disabling hiragana just mean there's no furigana?

There are 7 ways to view the Japanese in lingodeer(I hope this helps): Japanese and Hiragana and Romaji (日本 にほん nihon), Hiragana and Romaji (にほん nihon), Japanese and romaji (日本 nihon), Japanese and hiragana(日本 にほん), Only romaji (nihon), Only hiragana (にほん), Full Japanese  (日本)

They don't utilize furigana, at least not in the version I have, but you can have it in Full Japanese plus have it in Hiragana all spelled out. I hope this was able to help! Best of luck in your studies!

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