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  5. "They are reading."

"They are reading."

Translation:Sie lesen.

March 21, 2013



Shouldn't "Sie sind lesen" work?


Please understand that "sind" does Not replace "are" everywhere. Sind refers to being of something. "Sie sind lesen" would quite funnily translate to "You Are "reading" with the analogy of "you are human." So in German, "are" is replaced by "sind" in noun/adj. (you are human or tall or beautiful) but not for verb (you are reading breathing swimming)


Thanks a lot. It all makes more sense now.


Is there any gramatical rule why i cant use sie sind lesen ?


So .. as in english you cant use 2 consective verbs


It's like "they read" is as grammatically correct as "they are reading". Surely "sie lesen" is as grammatically correct as "sie sind lessen"...


You can use 2 consecutive verbs in English. The direct translation of "sie sind lesen": "they are reading". "Are" is a verb. It's the plural of "am" (to be). So why can't you have "sie sind lessen"?


Because it does not work that way in German. Just get it in your head.


Why " Sie sind lesen " is wrong ?


because "sie sind lesen" is the same as they are are reading, because lesen can be "are reading"


You can have only one verb per sentence, unless you have a modal.


DioHsiao: Maybe because you cannot even post a question properly in English.


Is that really a problem? The person is asking for an answer not a criticism.


Why am I being deducted lives for the right answers? Getting fed up of this life deduction system now...


Why am I being deducted lives

I'm guessing: because you answered incorrectly.

Maybe you intended to write the correct answer, but made a typo, wrote a word twice, or left one out. Or you translated rather than writing what you heard (or vice versa).

Do you have a screenshot of the system rejecting a valid answer? Upload it to a website (e.g. imgur), please, then add the URL to your comment.


No, I'm 100% putting them in right. It's happened about 6 or 7 times now. I've got a screenshot of it happening this morning and when it happens again I'll be sure to get more. I'm not too sure how to send it to you? Can I not DM it to you?


Can I not DM it to you?

No; Duolingo doesn't have any direct messaging capability.

Please upload any screenshots to a website somewhere and tell us the URL(s). Search for "image sharing website" or "imgur", for example, to find a suitable website that allows image uploads.

I've got a screenshot of it happening this morning and when it happens again I'll be sure to get more.

Excellent; thanks! Lingot for you.



Thats the Imgur url. After this is there any chance you could swith my account to the same one as my partners. The whole life deduction thing really stunts the learning capability for the game.



Thats the Imgur url.

Thank you very much! Lingot for you for providing that.

And how bizarre -- it does look exactly the same, so I don't know what is going on here.

I'll see whether I can pass on that information.

this is there any chance you could swith my account to the same one as my partners

I'm afraid not.

Duolingo constantly does A/B tests where some learners have one experience and other learners have a different experience in some feature, often with dozens of individual A/B tests running at the same time, and then they gather numbers to see which version of the feature is "better" overall. I don't know of any way to choose which A/B group one is in for any given feature.

That said, learner retention is (as far as I know) one of the more important Key Performance Indicators that Duolingo HQ looks at, so if you're annoyed enough, you could quit using Duolingo -- if enough people who have your "life deduction thing" did so, that would certainly send a message. But of course also influence your learning.

So I'm afraid I can't be helpful here.


I wrote "sie lesen gerade" because of the present continuos. I don't think that should count as a mistake.


The word "gerade" is used when you wanna emphazise the moment you do the action, but to build present continuous in german you use the present as well, it doesn't need to use "gerade", it sounds as if you said " I'm reading right now"


But should it actually be considered wrong? I think it should be "almost correct" at worst. The first time I got a question like this I thought I had to make it clear I knew the difference, so I added "gerade" because of that.


I don't understand this question.. Can someone help?


Basically it wants you to translate the sentence to German and type it in.


Why does it say I made a mistake when I said sie lesen?


Isnt 'sie' 'she'?


sie can be "she" or "they". The verb form will tell you the difference -- the "she" form usually ends in -t and the "they" form in -en, e.g. sie trinkt / sie trinken.


Sie is also a formal form of you


It can be she or they


Why is the use of lest when translating "they are reading," come up as wrong in the lessons?


Because it's wrong.

lest is used when the subject is ihr (you - several people).

But when the subject is sie (they), then the verb has to be sie lesen.


  • sie liest = she is reading
  • sie lesen = they are reading

You can tell the difference between sie "she" and sie "they" by looking at the verb form: does it end in -t or in -en?


Why does lesen come and not liest


Why does lesen come and not liest

Because the subject is sie and not du.

du (you - one person whom you know well) has verb forms ending in -st.

sie (they) has verb forms ending in -en.


I put wir lesen but was wrong.


As it should be. Where did you see 'We' in the English?


I put Ihr seid Lesen why did this not?

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