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"The color of her table is weird."

Translation:Barva jejího stolu je zvláštní.

March 14, 2018



My answer -- Její stůl má zvláštní barvu -- was incorrect. I realize it's not a literal translation of the Czech sentence, but my construction seemed similar to that used in some other exercises. I've reported it, in case it could be an alternative answer.


thank you, you are right. it is a more idiomatic answer. english prefers "his something is X" where czech tends to go with "on má X něco". this will take time to add across the board. i did so here.


THANKS!!! :-) :-) :-)


My answer was refused : Ta barva jejího stolu je zvláštní. Why cannot I write the defined article "Ta" at the beginning ?


Czech does not have articles. The demonstrative "ten/ta/to" is not an article and is used differently. In this case we normally refer to the colour of something just using "barva stolu" = "the colour of a/the table". "Ta barva jejího stolu" is certainly possible but is much closer to "that colour of her table". It is not neutral, but stressing something or refer to the colour we ware discussing the last time or something similar.

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