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Mistake in Plurals

Test 4 contains an error: Die Mädchen trinken Milch: The girls drink milk, and not: The girl is drinking milk

March 14, 2018


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The girl drinks milk. - Das Mädchen trinkt Milch.

The girls drink milk. - Die Mädchen trinken Milch.

I doubt there is an error in such a basic sentence, it would have been fixed years ago. So check thoroughly before stating that there is an error. Maybe take a screenshot next time?

Edit: seems like it's true, the best way to report that would probably be to click "my answer should have been accepted" right in the question, since that should raise attention of the contributors. But I'm sure somebody's already done that. It depends how much they check these reports with old trees like the German one.


Others have been pointing that mistake out, too: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26558297

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Thanks for the link. Sure is proving more than just talking about it. Given the dates of the comments, it seems it's a new bug. So I wouldn't hope much for it being fixed, Duolingo is so buggy it's not even funny and nobody seems to be doing anything about it.


Even if it's already reported, sentences with more reports get reviewed earlier.... stolen from the duo fb group for German:


if there is an error, report it.


I tried to find the way to report, but without success yet. Can you provide me the link?

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