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A question...

I know that cet, ce, ces, cette,etc. all mean the same thing but in which circumstances do we use each? And how do we use it?

March 14, 2018


  • 2001

Cette is for a singular feminine word (cette femme), ce is for a singular masculine word "ce chien", cet is for a singular masculine word that starts with a vowel in pronunctiation (cet homme) and ces is for plurals (ces femmes, ces hommes).


in which circumstances do we use each?

Depending on the grammatical gender of the noun they are the adjective of.
So you have to know the grammatical gender of noun first. And how to know them? You have to learn them by heart: learning a noun without learning its gender is not really learning the noun, it's learning only half of it.


  • cet in front of singular masculine nouns starting with a vocal sound
  • ce in front of all other singular masculine nouns
  • cette in front of singular feminine nouns
  • ce in front of plural nouns


What do you mean by this "etc."? To what words do you refer exactly?

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