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Another question...

We use letters such s 'y','a' and 't' everywhere alone, what does that mean and how do we use it? Ex. "Il y a", "Pense-t-il".

March 14, 2018



pense-t-il uses a -t- between the words because it does not sound good to the French ear to have 'il' without a sound to separate it from the preceding word. It's a bit like the English use of "an apple" instead of "a apple".

Also in French, you can't just talk about locations without actually having a place. You can't just say "I'm going" or "There are". A French sentence needs a location or at least a place holder for a location, otherwise they're stuck wondering WHERE???? The 'y' is a non-specific place.


HI, Y is used for "there". French inserts a "t" to prevent two vowels from coming together and it would be unpronounceable!! I use "French for Dummies" book for grammar. You need a grammar book to explain these things. Used copies usually on Amazon or look it up in "Abolut.com for French. Bonne chance.


Y means there so il y a means there is.

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