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  5. "El gato no lavó nada ayer."

"El gato no lavó nada ayer."

Translation:The cat didn't wash anything yesterday.

March 14, 2018



The cat washed nothing should be accepted as well as the cat did not wash anything. Nada means nothing.


In English would you say "the cat washed nothing yesterday"? You could but you would probably say "the cat didn't wash anything yesterday". As you continue studying you'll learn that the word nada can be used this way, it makes no sense to those of us who speak English as a first language so we just have to learn it.


I would say the cst cat washed anything because cats don't do chores


I wouldn't say the cat*


Yesterday, need to mention 'ayer'


Not even is ears? That's very strange for a cat. Better call the vet.


Not even it's ears!


In the cats defense, it was probably tired from learning another language AND cleaning a bathroom.


Is this one of the cats that opened the restaurant?


I wonder if it sent its hat to the cleaners


I must admit I love these double negatives. I get to say the cat didn't wash nothin' and it's correct!


I once had a grubby little cat that didn't really wash


I put "the cat didn't wash at all yesterday" which I thought was a better and more natural translation, given literal translations from one language to another do not always make sense


Your sentence is fine, but it is not a correct translation of the sentence given. Yours seems to suggest he didn't wash himself, but in the original, he didn't wash anyTHING.


This is what they say is right below from you guys so this needs to get fix right now.


Sorry. I don't know what this means.


What's the point of stupid nonsense sentences when teaching a language?


Maybe it has something to do with, let's see, the use of the past tense (of levar, in this case) --- or maybe the Spanish use of double negatives? Does it really matter whether it's the cat who didn't wash anything, or the boy, or the grandma, or the doctor? (Oh, wait. I guess it would matter if el doctor no lavó nada.)

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